Affiliate program

Earn 15% commission on recurring theme sales with Loess

This program is specially designed for Web agencies and freelancers building eCommerce websites for clients running on Shopify. But anyone is welcome to apply. You are eligible to receive commissions as soon as a second sale is made for a same theme. Because all sales are made through the Shopify theme store, we cannot do actual refunds from theme purchases. But to thank you for having referred Loess themes to your clients, an amount equal to 15% of the total value of your Loess theme sales will be sent to your business account, from Loess. 

Payouts are done within one month after the eligible sales are recorded. To qualify as an affiliate partner, you must agree to the terms and conditions, and buy the affiliate membership for a symbolic price of 1$. This is required so that your agency gets registered in our database with banking informations allowing us to send commissions directly to your business account. Each time a sale is made from your client network, you will be required to fill out the sales form that includes the store address and Login access so that we can be fair with everyone and validate that each theme sale is legitimate and from your client base. We also require that the sale form is sent out within 5 days after a Loess theme is purchased.

Loess reserve the right to approve or deny any requests. We ask that you send us an invoice with details on the theme sale, and that you include taxes according to your regional location, the same way you would do when charging a provider for a service. Affiliates are solely responsible for any taxes or other government mandated fees and administrators cannot provide tax advice. Administrators will not be responsible for issuing tax records or statements to affiliates.

Payment schedule: Upon recording a conversion, a one-month hold period commences on the first day of the following month. Payment is usually disbursed on or about the middle of the subsequent month, following the full month of the hold period. Nonetheless, the exact dates and timing of payout may vary, and the decision to determine eligibility and payout dates is at our absolute and final discretion. A few conversions may be subject to a lengthier hold period. All sales and commissions are denominated in USD and are calculated on the net sale value after accounting for discounts, but before incorporating taxes or other fees. The program administrators retain the right to defer, cancel, or retain any commission for any reason, without giving notice and at their sole and final discretion.

How this works:

  • Loess themes must be purchased from the Shopify Theme Store, either by your client or by yourself or the agency you represent
  • Payouts are sent out from Loess to your business account
  • You are free to advertise a discount on Loess themes when clients do business with you if you wish to give back the refund in part or in total to your clients.