Loess Affiliate Membership

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Earn 15% on Loess themes 

Buy a $1 membership using the credit card through which you or your agency will later receive payments for your commissions on any Loess themes that are purchased from the Theme Store. This small membership fee is only a way for us to process a payment through Shopify so that we have all the necessary informations in our Admin. This method allows us to efficiently manage our affiliates using Shopify's database, and send back commissions easily with their safe and secure platform.

Once you created your affiliate account using the icon in the header navigation, you can make the symbolic $1 membership purchase from this page. From there, you are eligible to go to your affiliate account page and fill out the sales commission form each time a theme is purchased. Loess will review the request and make sure that each theme sale qualifies for a commission according to our Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

We will leverage the Shopify refunds feature to send your commission to the credit card that is associated to your account in our database. This will not be an actual refund on the theme purchases that were made on the Theme Store. It will be a money transfer sent to your credit card, as a thank you for having referred our products. The amount will equal 15% of the total theme licenses that you or your clients have purchased from Shopify. You must include a detailed invoice when submitting the form so that you can add taxes in accordance with your local regulations.

It is important for us to reward our valuable partners who contribute to help us grow our business. But as an official Shopify Theme Partner, we only make sales through their Theme Store. This makes it impossible for us to create referral links for our affiliate partners. Although not optimal, we hope this process will make things smooth enough for you.

Sure thing. Simply login to your affiliate account, and all the commissions sent to you will be listed there.